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Fashion Editing & Styling


The Editor in Chief is the most important figure in Fashion publishing: he is ultimately the person responsible for each publication and for the style imprint of the publishing product they head.

Editors in Chief are real and genuine celebrities in the world of Fashion and absolutely opinion leaders. They are always at the front line at fashion shows and their judgments can be so influential as to determine the success of a collection.

To become the Editor in Chief one must possess the journalist’s skills of a Fashion Critic and the creative and organizational capabilities of the Fashion Editor: coordinating the concept production of editorial products and managing the work of the editorial staff are essential abilities for successfully leading a Fashion magazine.

The aim of the Master course is to give students a thorough education in the Fashion, Design, Journalism, Photography and Contemporary Art sectors.

The course will train a high-level professional figure, endowed with strong creative skills and a marked aesthetic sense, capable of navigating among the different styles and successfully developing journalism and styling-related projects.

Through a curriculum well grounded in theoretical contents as well as contributions of professionals working in the sector and practical projects, students will acquire all the necessary instruments for developing Concepts, planning editorial products, preparing articles and making interviews or producing in-depth information for TV programs.

At the end of the Master course, students will possess a deep knowledge of the Fashion System, they will be able to successfully operate in the field of journalism and media and will have developed a thorough critical awareness, an essential element for holding prestigious editorial and managerial positions inside a Fashion, Design or Luxury Lifestyle magazine.

This course is aimed at:

  • Students who have already acquired a good preparation in Editing, Styling, Photography, Design and Fashion.
  • Professionals in the sector who wish to perfect their skills.
  • Students who do not have a relevant background, but who can fill in their cultural and operational shortcomings by attending the Extension Courses.


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